MENTEX & FLATEX Mentex and Flatex are manufactured in accordance with SANS 190-1
Most mesh can be made in 304 or 316 stainless steel.
Walkway Mesh From 4.5mm thick strand to 6.0mm thick strand
and from 6.5mm width to 10.0mm width

Revolutionary Grating Design engineered to carry loads with minimal dead weight, while maximising air flow and light penetration, is a world-renowned economical floor solution with aesthetic appeal. Mentis open-floor grating is manufactured to a quality standard, that delivers resilience and craftsmanship, which defines industry standards.


Interlink Handrail System is the ideal solution for fall prevention, pedestrian accessways, disabled accessibility to only name a few. The interlink component setup consisting of Stanchions, Bends, Closures and Tubes is perfect for easy installation on site or as a prefabricated welded unit for fast installation on site.


Expanded Metal is a general mesh available in comprehensive range of sizes, masses and thicknesses. A versatile product that can be bent, shaped to Radius, cut at an angle or notched, and will still maintain inherent rigidity. It can also be welded, formed, drawn or flared. Nowadays Expanded Metal is used for a multitude of industrial, decorative and other purposes.

Fibreglass Grating

A substitute for steel grating in high corrosion areas where fire or chemical resistance is required or where a light weight substitute with load bearing capabilities would be ideal. FRP Grating can be used for walkways, platforms, trench covers, stairtreads or as a architectural feature.

Guardrail Road Barrier System

Roads are manufactured according to each countries specification requirements. Guardrails minimise vehicle accident damage and injury to third parties. Guardrails can also be used to protect valuable equipment inside and outside factories. Contact us for further technical requirements.

Construction Materials
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About us

Mentis was formed in 1950 as a precision engineering works in South Africa and subsequently went into the development and manufacturing of steel grating.  In 1959 fusion-welded grating was introduced to the market, followed by the unique pressure lock grating in 1967.  Through continual research development and innovation, Mentis has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality grating, expanded metal, handrailing, guardrail and other light structural steel products.

In a strategic effort to deliver improved value to our customers and increase our international footprint, we are excited to announce our new venture Mentis International.

Mentis International will spearhead the group’s global trading division, specializing in the supply of our manufactured niche products while also meeting our customers’ requirements by sourcing high-quality competitive products via our global networks and strategic capabilities.

Mentis International services various industries, including but not limited to the construction, engineering, mining, oil & gas, automotive and other industrial industries.

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International reach

A key strategic advantage of working with Mentis International is our access to a global network of suppliers and our unique service delivery by managing the entire supply chain from sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics.

This further allows us to remain competitive, flexible and to meet our customers’ various material specification requirements.  Our own manufacturing facilities in South Africa and Australia are ISO certified and enhance our ability to provide full grating and handrailing tailored fabricated solutions according to each specific project requirement. Whether your requirements are for stock items or made-to-order items, we will be able to assist.

  • Stock Panels
  • Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Trench Covers and Stairtreads
  • Decorative Purposes
  • Various material types available
  • Safety Product
  • Easy On-site installation
  • Industrial or Residential application
  • Available in various materials
  • UV Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Alternative to Steel Grating, Hand railing or structural elements
  • Grit or Smooth Finish for grating
  • Stock Sheets
  • Safety and Security
  • Walkways
  • Decorative Purposes
  • Versatile Product
  • Various material types available
  • Road Restraint System
  • Parking Areas
  • Industrial or Residential application
  • EU and US specifications
  • Industrial or Residential application
  • Assists with Plastering requirements
  • Strengthening older structures
  • Wide variety of products

Continual research, development and innovation

has led to us being recognised as a leader in the engineering industry
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