Specialising in the distribution of our speciality manufactured products.

International Reach

Innovation and excellence stamped into every steel solution.

Collaborating with Mentis International offers a substantial strategic advantage through our far-reaching global network of suppliers and our superior proficiency in overseeing the entire supply chain process. This process covers a broad spectrum, including sourcing, procurement, transformation, and logistics management.

Our methodology ensures that we remain not only competitive and nimble but also adept at meeting the varied material requirements of our clients. Boasting ISO-certified production facilities located in South Africa and Australia, we are fully equipped to deliver all-encompassing, bespoke solutions in grating and handrailing, specifically crafted to meet the distinct needs of each project. Whether the demand is for standard stock items or specially designed products, we stand ready to provide the essential support and services needed.

Mentis Walkway Mesh


From 4.5mm thick strand to 6.0mm thick strand and from 6.5mm width to 10.0mm width