Where It All Started

Founded in 1950 in South Africa, Mentis began as a precision engineering firm and swiftly expanded into producing steel grating. The company pioneered in the market with its fusion-welded grating in 1959, followed by an innovative pressure lock grating in 1967. Through ongoing research, development, and innovation, Mentis has established itself as a premier producer and supplier of top-tier grating, expanded metal, handrailing, guardrail, and various light structural steel products.

Aiming to enhance customer value and expand our global presence, we are thrilled to introduce Mentis International. This new initiative will lead our international trade division, focusing on the distribution of our speciality manufactured products. Additionally, Mentis International will cater to customer needs by procuring competitively priced, high-quality products through our extensive global networks and strategic expertise.

Mentis International is set to serve a diverse range of industries, encompassing but not limited to construction, engineering, mining, oil & gas, automotive, and other key industrial sectors.