Our Products


Mentis’ groundbreaking grating design, known for its ability to bear significant loads with minimal dead weight, optimizes both air circulation and light penetration. This design is globally acclaimed as an economical flooring solution that also offers aesthetic value. The open-floor grating by Mentis is crafted to a high-quality standard, ensuring durability and excellence in workmanship that sets the benchmark in the industry.


FRP Grating serves as an excellent alternative to steel grating in environments prone to high corrosion, or where resistance to fire or chemicals is necessary. It’s also perfect when a lightweight option with load-bearing capacity is desirable. This grating can be employed in a variety of applications, including walkways, platforms, trench covers, stair treads, or even as an architectural element.


The Interlink Handrail System stands out as the optimal choice for applications such as fall prevention, pedestrian pathways, and disabled access, among others. Its modular design, featuring components like Stanchions, Bends, Closures, and Tubes, is ideal for straightforward on-site assembly or as a pre-welded unit, ensuring rapid installation.


Road infrastructure is tailored to meet the specific regulatory standards of each country. Guardrails play a crucial role in reducing damage and preventing injuries from vehicle accidents. Additionally, they serve to safeguard valuable machinery both inside and outside industrial settings. For more detailed technical information, please feel free to contact us.


Expanded Metal, a versatile mesh, comes in an extensive assortment of sizes, weights, and thicknesses. This adaptable material can be easily bent, curved, angled, or notched while retaining its intrinsic sturdiness. Additionally, it is suitable for welding, shaping, drawing, or flaring. Today, Expanded Metal is employed in a wide range of applications, serving both industrial and decorative purposes, among others.


Special building products are made by Mentis for the building industry on special purpose machines. These products are mainly used as reinforcing to prevent plaster and walls cracking. Corners of a building are strengthened preventing damage where it is most vulnerable.